At Midland Shelving we understand the importance of a strong, durable shelf. That’s why we stock shelves for everyone’s needs.

Dexion Impex Archive Shelving

Dexion Impex Archive Shelving, which is fully adjustable and the perfect solution for many businesses who store heavy-weight items or files and folders. Like the name itself suggests, Archive shelving provides easy accessibility to items which are typically archived such as books, folders and documents. Archive shelving is also suitable for access / plastic boxes which can be easily referenced. Midland Shelving stocks a wide range of Archive Shelving, all of which can be customised to your requirements.

    • Provides easy access to documents / products
    • Can help increase storage capacity
Longspan Adjustable Shelving
Longspan Shelving is best suited to carrying large, heavy and bulky items. It is constructed similarly to pallet racking in terms of its frame and beam design.

The shelf top surfacing can be constructed out of various types of materials made up of varying strengths and compositions such as galvanised steel pannels, chipboard, plywood or MDF. The most suitable materials can differ, depending on your specific requirements and the type of items to be stored on the shelving system. The choice is based on the need to support either heavy point loads of UDL (Uniformly distributed loads).

Longspan Shelving is adaptable and therefore suitable in most enviornments.

Light Weight Shelving

Light Weight Shelving is perfect for small to medium weight products and is also suitable for those running on a ‘selection’ / ‘order picking’ basis.

Our Light Weight shelving can come in various forms such as Archive and Standard, all of which can be manufactured to suit your needs / requirements.

Suitable for shops, chemists, libraries, schools, small – large businesses, storage facilities and many more!

  • Light-weight yet durable
  • Ideal for selection / order picking
  • Easily installed and can be re-located
  • Fully adjustable
  • Can be supplied in small and large quantities – tailored to your needs

Case Study:

When one of our clients was in need of some light-weight yet durable and convenient shelving, Midland Shelving took their requirements into account and manufactured the most effiecient system based around these requirements.

Midland Shelving installed some rolled edge Shelving which was easily accessible and enabled them to select their items without any hassle.